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Blake Mase
Lives in a house in the woods not to far from the city .
He's the guy the tricks the ladies into liking him and then turns around goes up against them .He's the guy that gets dirty wiht the ladies if he can and will if he wants to but watch out he's tricky .

Shane Mase   ( blakes nice brother )
Lives with his brother
Is the guy who does like the doing it with the girls but only when there okay with it often times he rescues them from his brother
is the sweet kinda guy the opposite of his brother .
Thehiddenshadows Apr 17 · Rate: 3 · Comments: 6 · Tags: action, lots of romance
Ok so I have been meaning to put these up for some time now. This isnt due to any one specific person so anyone who reads this that Im currently in an rp with dont get upset but please read them and try to abide them.

1:  My characters are strictly heterosexual, they will not engage in any homoerotic act for any reason. I dont mind if your character isnt so just respect that boundary. 

2: My characters are under my complete control so no god modding and taking control of my character's actions. Minor things are fine but check with me if you have questions first before you try anything.

3: Like my profile says I am a multi line and paragraph rp writer so when I give a decent sized starter or reply I expect the same. I cannot create anything if the appropriate response isn't given in turn and I will not respond to the reply. If you are a one-liner rp writer just dont friend me, I dont do one liners at all so if you are into that you and I will definitely not get along in terms on an rp and I would honestly like to not deal with it.

4: I dont encounter this often but I need to include all the same and I will only say it once. I will NOT allow forced sexual encounters in my rp. If it is part of your characters background I dont mind but I will not tolerate it done to my characters or others in an rp so dont even try it.

5: Do not claim my characters if your character and one of mine is in a relationship in rp. I only give out exclusive rights to a choice few people whom I have done an rp with for an extensive time or who have have convinced me through their writing that they have earned it. If you want one of them as a permanent mate, lover, family member or anything else let me know and I will decide from there. Dont get upset if I dont say yes right away because I will cancel any further contact, I dont tolerate immature behavior. 

6: If you believe you wont be able to give a response in a short time let me know. I understand that things happen and life has a funny way of preventing you from getting online, I am guilty of this as well, so I wont mind if you give me a reason.

7: I like to set up the rp before I jump into one, before you send a starter or ask for one lets discuss it first. If you are not into that then we are probably not very compatible rp partners and you shouod just move on. If you dont have time for me then I dont have time for you. Plain and simple.

8: For the love of the gods no undisclosed minors! I cannot tell you how many times I have received angry message from parents or guardians about the "smutty" stories that happen between me and a partner who neglected to tell me their age or lied when I asked. Now I dont always ask, Im human so I forget things like the rest of you, but please refrain from starting an rp with me unless you are both mentally and emotionally mature enough, along with old enough, to do so. I dont want to deal with the drama.

9: Do not harass me for a reply, I work full time and I like doing other things in my free time along with writing. I wont nag you for one either so I expect the same.

10: Ok, the last and final rule! If you are unsure if I would be willing to do something please ask me. I believe there are no stupid questions and I wont judge you for wanting to be on the safe side. I actually appreciate it greatly.

Well, that is it. Thanks to all who sat through and read all the rules and thank you any who wish to spend their time to rp with me. I truly appreciate the time and patience you give me. Have a great day and may Odin AllFather grant you strength in all your endeavors. Live long and live strong.

Kyran Veneric Apr 17 · Comments: 2

Name: Cain Knight

Age: 17 (Immortal)

Height: 5'7

Hair: White

Eye: Red, One eye has a contact in it so is actually yellow.

Race: Unknown, (Claims to be a Demon)

Side: Good (Can be evil once in awhile)

Occupation: Demon Lord Candiate Of Hell.

Magic: Lighting and Water, Holy Flames, Dark Flames

Goals: To Become Harem King.

Relationship: Single

Nicknames: Archl-Chan, God Of Destruction, Demon King, 

Father: Ryikon

Mother: Laylune

Second Mother: Kuro

Likes: Spicy foods, Sour food, flirting with hot girls, also being a prankster

Dislikes: Being bossed around, Told what to do, hates creators.

A long time ago, when Cain was born from his mother Laylune he was just a baby as he cried for his father and mother but the day wouldn't last long due to his Aunt Tessa who had stolen him from his birth mother and soon after that she had fallen in coma due to Tessa doing something to her at the time. As the time Tessa had Cain she was gonna keep him for herself had failed as the Creators had stolen Cain away from her and taken him to a lab to do some serious experiments on him, as they have completed in turning there new weapon into a destroyer of worlds. Cain's blood is mixed of different species so he mixed kind of creation, an then The Black Wizard known as Zeref had taken him away from The Creators, Cain had cried in the Black Wizards hands witch killed him off for the time as a baby an would be placed in an Ethernious machine, witch turn Cain into Ethernious veruration, an be created as Lord E.C.K Ethernious Cain Knight.

As Cain would return to his parents, his second mother wouldnt know him by his scent though at the time because he was different then he once was, Amelia was the one who stopped her mother from trying to hurt her big brother though at the time as Ryikon wasn't for sure if she was right as she explained it was her brother but turned different, The Black Wizard known as Zeref had appeared with few people including the dragon slayers that would be with them to go to the present, as Zeref explain to the parents and the kids that there goal was to go to the present and destroy the ultimate dragon that would bring destruction to the world. The family and the dragon slayers would be sent through the eclipse gate to be sent to the present from the old world 400 hundred years ago.

In the new world and timeline Cain and his sister Amelia and the family had gotten separated from each other an wouldn't be able to find each other again, the endless times Cain was in the new world as terrible things had happened to him in worshiping cult he was tortured to no end till he had enough and slain the worshiping cult members an was escaping the tower that he was held to build for someone that had him once in there clutch's an the person that was protecting him and someone with scarlet red hair had died in front of them an told them to get out of here and do not cry over them again. Cain the Scarlet Red head had escape the tower and would be joining a guild together.

Year gone by as Cain had become 17 an discovering he had his own powers and magic that he could learn an not knowing he had demons inside of him that were part of his personality though, the creators are still after him for the purpose to get him in control to take over the world and destroy as it there desire for him to do so, Cain had been fighting the minions of the creators ever sense he escape them and will continue on. A few months things began to happen as he was recaptured and taken to the tower of heaven to be a vessel of Lord Zeref but the plans had failed when someone challenged The Wizard Saint an beaten them a pole though, an soon the enemy of Cain had chanted one spell that would destroy him and the tower along with them but a friend stepped in front of Cain and took the full on hit of the magic and was killed off in front of Cain. Later on the years things began to happens to him battles with countless enemies, in one place his stomach was cut open some by his first wife but they were divorced because of Katia and Blaze wanted it to happend as his stomach still has the wound that will never heal on him an is bandaged up, again his back was cut open to have the dragon scale in him be ripped out of his body from the Dark Witch katia and was thrown from Dragon Kingdom an fell to the ground from the high sky palace, as his right arm was cut off by the god slayer sword and his arm was frozen by devil slayer ice of his Ice Princess that was controlled by the demon and taken away from him the first time by the one known as Nightshade. An one final time his right arm and shoulder was slashed upon from his shoulder down to his chest to his stomach to re open the wound he resevived from his first wife.

Next year Cain had been taken fell in a vortex and drifted into another dimension that he was not familiar with, as he was a kid once more and was in a new world as he seen the world was being attacked by what ever these people were as he seen girl and her sister were running away from something as he was following them as he slowly reached for the girls hand "I'll protect you both" he shouted some, as he froze seeing something of a savage as he would be knocked away as he rolled on the ground badly hurt as he blinked seeing the girl chest was slashed open as Cain had gotten to her and slowly started to drink the savage venom blood from her as his eyes went bright from saving the girl by drinking the savage blood from her. "may we meet again" he said collapsing by the girl an blacking out and would have this dream repeat again.

The devil slayer marking on his right arm appeared, after Cain had killed his father from the control of the devil slayer that is a necromancer known as Keyes he was the master mind behind the controlling of Ryikon also part of the guild known as Tartaroes Guild that supposly Lord E.C.K had made to activate face and even revival of Lord E.C.K to destroy the worlds of magic.

The guild mark on Cain's right shoulder of the guild supossly that Lord E.C.K had made from Ethernious, after defeating his father he gain the marking an no matter what it cannot be cut out of his flesh even his arm it wont go away either.

Ryikon is the sword that is magically attached to Cain when he firsts uses it it changes stages on his thought when damage it's creators can touch it to fix it but only can it's user unlock it's power.

It has a safe mode for when it's user is in the air about to hit the ground it slows the ground allowed the user to land safely on the ground.

Reichiru Apr 22 · Comments: 2
Name : Seth Green
Age : 19
creature : Half human half Wolf
Personality : Goes for what he wants , Likes charming and touching the girls , Protective over people he loves , can be very do it especially with the ladies ,
Lives : IN his own little house and few minutes from the City ,
stats : Single looking for a girlfriend ,
Starter : Seth walked across the city streets toward the place he worked at , As he walked a Pretty black haired girl walked past he whistled and watched her then watched a red head then after a while walked into the store and saw the prettiest girl he'd seen in his life.

Hawk Apr 14 · Comments: 1 · Tags: romance, action

"I think we all ask ourselves who we are, and keep trying to find a reason to keep going."

Name: Fein Whittaker

Age: 24

Race: Shapeshifter, but takes on a human identity/pretence

Height/Build: 5'6"/pear figure with narrow shoulders

Hair & Eyes/Appearance: Maroon & grey-blue/heavy eyeliner and eye makeup & nude lipsticks + keeps a photo of herself around for personal reasons

Occupation: Baker/Cake Decorator

Personality: Meek, humble, creative, productive, hardworking, giving, sometimes hard to comprehend others/somewhat socially inept, actions speak louder than words, confident in what she crafts/makes, passionate, clammy

Being a born shapeshifter, Fein wandered on her own and didn't go by any identity. Although she looked human, her being not one bothered her for small reasons, such as her episodes of identity crisis and self doubt during the starting period of time. Though she has little awareness of how dangerous shapeshifters could be, and has lived on the down low without ill intent for the humans.

The shapeshifter would morph into various people to adjust her shifting abilities and was never able to talk to anyone at all, eventually she was able to adapt to her environment and learn the language by ear and mimicry.

The turning point of her life began when she observed a young girl with her friends in the playground out of curiosity for her childlike lifestyle. The two officially got to know eachother on the second encounter and played together time to time. Eventually the young girl went missing and was never around anymore, Fein wondered where she had gone off to but had no leads to pursue after her. The two lived in different worlds and wherever her family took her, Fein felt she had no place to know. Not wanting to forget the sweet child, she mirrored her appearance to fit the adult visage of her friend with minimal adjustments and officially took on the name (that her friend gave) as her human identity. She worked in convenience stores to save a bit of money and earn her keep, during that time she was exposed to the world of media and cooking. Fein watched from windows of bakeshops and mastered skills to cook and decorate at home. The shapeshifter eventually put her new-found skills to the test and began working part time in small cafes and retail bakeries.

As a shapeshifter however, she cannot touch silver without wearing gloves and passes it off as a severe allergy; she keeps her own case of eating utensils on her person at all times. Fein is an efficient worker, and is at her best when handled with the preparation and decoration of the store's cakes. She frequents at cafes and coffeehouses to 'research'  their products/baked goods and gets dragged to events by her coworkers as their assistant and poster girl. She also blogs and advertises the store's new products almost daily on social platforms.

Lil (Avis Del Bryes) May 15 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1

Name: Shina Riyuka

Age: 13

Race: Fawnist

Eyes: Brown

Hair: White

Personality: Shina is very happy all the time. Even when everything is going wrong, she always keeps her head up, and doesn't give up.

Bio: Shina lives with her mother and her brother. (Ask her for anything else, cuz I dunno)

3moK177y May 13 · Comments: 1
 You have 50 tries and till 5:00 to answer!
MusicOfInsanity Apr 18 · Comments: 1
Yuki, the quiet, shy girl walks into highschool, she looks around and sighs, knowing its going to be another boring year of school... No friends... *Sighs*. Yuki opens her locker and puts her stuff in slams her locker shut. Turning around, she walked into her class.
KittenYuki May 15 · Comments: 1